Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Lippies are here! Besame order arrived a few days ago and I've either been too lazy to try them out or perhaps too reluctant to post the pictoral. I'm going to be brave, as promised, and post the pics. One, you can see my new RED lipsticks and two, they will serve as my "before" pics. Three, they made me realize I desperately need a new camera, preferably one with more than 10 pixels, lol. Four, I have even MORE respect for the FL gals who photograph themselves so well in their bathroom mirrors. Good gracious, it ain't easy! I've spared you the up-le-schnoz pics. Ignore the hair and jammies, this was on the fly.

Up first, Besame Cherry Red with a light gloss over it. This is a very bright, blue red and not a true red, in my mind. I didn't think it would be my favorite but after looking at the pics, it just might be!

Next is Besame Noir Red. In person, this is like the deepest, darkest wine red in my opinion. I thought it would be my favorite and actually, while I adore it on others, I think it's my least favorite. I think it might just be the liner, which is Besame Red/Cerise. I used the red side for all the shades.

The final contestant is Besame Merlot. It's more of a dark brown red, not at all flashy. By this time I didn't even bother to reapply the liner (which I don't think is correct for this shade)or slap on a coat of gloss. Plus, the pic is pretty grainy, sorry. I think I can work this as an everyday color with the right liner and a gloss to lighten it a bit.

Overall, I think I could get used to red. This from a diehard mauve gal. The Besame colors are rich, very rich with pigment. Eventhough I used a silicone primer on my lips to keep it from staining, stain it did. This isn't a bad thing! For those of us unaccustom to cream, almost matte, lip color, you will definitely want a gloss. Be prepared though, the gloss really magnified the color! I think a better application can be had with a lip brush instead of directly from the tube. I still want to try their Red Velvet. It might be warmer than I'm used to, but I think it will be a truer red. there you have Me.
The New Old Me is not accepting hate mail, pointing and laughing at this time, however hair color suggestions are always welcome! LOL


  1. Wow, love these reds! You look fabulous, glad you posted pics!

  2. Hey, now I can put a face with the name! :D

    You look fabulous in those lippies, and I love your blouse.
    You're also fortunate to have clear, cool grey hair without any yellowness. My hair will be disgusting when it goes grey - Yours is perfection!