Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Etsy vs Ebay

I only have a few moments to get this together because I work the overnight today. Drat! Oh well, tomorrow is pay day. Did you hear that Etsy and Ebay? I said Payday! LOL

So, I decided, Etsy is like your BFF, very best gal pal in the universe. She's fun, she isn't pushy, she's diverse, and when you shop together, she'll answer you honestly. Hey, if it won't fit, Etsy will find you something else and if you like it, you buy it.

Ebay, on the other hand, is like an abusive boyfriend. He's got tons of stuff going on all the time and very little of it focuses on you, he dangles temptation in front of you and then lets you down, or worse gives it to somebody else. He treats you bad but you just remember that one great bargain and keep going back, like a drug, a love drug.

Okay, I'm sort of kidding! Seriously, after years of retail management, I am finding a few pet peeves. Sellers, you're in this to SELL. Why do people list garments and tell you nothing, nada, zippo? "Pin Up Sweater, Kim Novak, Vavavoom" but not a size, not a label, any buttons missing, nothing. It's like pulling teeth. Eesh! But that's nothing compared to my biggest gripe. What the heck is the deal with Plus Size adverts? OMG! We know we are plus size. We appreciate that you photographed the item on a plus size model. Really, we do. But why, oh why is she in hoochy momma poses????? Good Lord! We're curvy not slutty. Not a single plus size woman I know arches her back, sticks her chest out with her hand behind her head and one leg up with her foot on a brick wall...wearing a 1950 circle skirt. Give us a break!

Speaking of brick walls...Do you find it strange that vintage models are decked out in the thing you might buy but sitting on a dirty stone wall, or a dead tree stump or some other place you and I would never sit in our best duds? All I can think is, "Great, there's probably a big dirt mark on the rear now!"

Okay...coffee clutch is over. LOL


  1. I hear you! I have worked lower management in retail, mostly in lingerie. The whole thing was product knowledge - Have the answer to any question a customer might ask! Of course, no-one bothers to keep up with changing products and such. I guess thats why I got promoted, because I did!

    I stay away from abusive Mr Ebay - Hes a real heartbreaker! Little miss Etsy however - She is tempting. (I love your comparisons!)

    Plus side ladies being all hoochie-mama is probably a backward way of showing "pride" in curves. I agree, they'd look better if they were just posing normally... Not so accentuated. Do we have thin girl poses? No!

  2. I love Miss Etsy...She has it all. Mr Ebay is a jerk. He sometimes hits, but then makes up for it with a purchase (i shouldn't bad mouth him too much, my lamp from him just arrived)

    I stick out my boobs when i pose...for photoshoots...but i'll agree, if they just stood normally i would be interested. what about when they pin the "plus sized" garment on a waif mannequin?! What gives with that!? Show me the size of the waist damn it!

  3. Miss B...Ha! I saw a suit just hanging on the model and thought, "Goodie, maybe it's my size!". Then I read the description and discoverd the seller had it on her 8 year old child! LOL

    I don't mind the larger garment on a small manequin but I hate when they pin it! :)

    Laura...I was a manger for The Disney Store at one point in my career. Rule #1: It's okay not to know the answer so long as you know how to find the answer. Bravo to you for instinctively understanding this! Nothing worse than the lazy sales associate who just keeps grumbling, "I dunno".

  4. Greetings my fellow retail manager....past tense that is! I can't agree with you more! Your post made me LOL! I think those with a retail background make the best online sellers. We have been in the trenches, wear the scars and know what NOT to do!