Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My first wearable purchase!

I know, I know...not quite what one would imagine for a first vintage purchase. Men's Pajamas! What can I say? I kept going back to them and going back to them. I knew darn tootin' well that they'd fit as the dimensions are roomy and then some. Best of all, I could visualize myself wearing them whilst standing in the bathroom trying to set my hair. So...had to have 'em. LOL

They are deadstock Fruit of the Loom men's PJ's, possibly from the 50's. Who knows? They do have a sort of Madmen feel so I'm happy.


  1. Nice to see another PA gal around this joint!

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  3. Very adorable! I have a pair of my grandfathers that are very similar in blue. Some of the most comfy jammies I own. My husband is so jealous. :)