Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shhhh...don't tell Mom

I don't even know how or why I stumbled across these but I got a strange sense that I'd seen them before. I told my Mom I was either having a really, really early childhood memory or a stroke. Good news! It was a memory. My Gram had a set of these when my Mom was growing up. I vaguely remember them (late 60's) just before she gutted the kitchen and updated everything...which meant bye-bye awesome aluminum canisters. I haven't seen these in nearly 40 years and I can STILL remember how they felt, standing on Grammy's chair to reach the counter, one hand on each smooth rounded side, pulling them toward me in an attempt to "help".

Shhhhh....don't tell Mom, but I bought them!
The black lids won't match a darn thing but who cares. Sentiment means more. :)

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