Monday, February 22, 2010

What is it?

That's what people generally ask. Or they blurt out, "Is THAT a cat?" Why yes, it is. It's a Sphynx Cat, a hairless variety. This particular one is a Seal Mink Girly and she's mine! She's only about 4 weeks old and it will be at least 8 more weeks before her breeder will allow her to come home. I'm sooo excited! ...and now you know why I must be good and follow my NSB as best I can. :)

If anyone has any good name ideas, bring them on!

I do like girly names and French names.
Stripper names or anything to do with nudity or lack of fur is okay too! (just keep it clean)
Vintage or Golden Era Goddesses might work too!

It just has to be unique! No Spot or Fluffy (although that would be ironic).

All I've got is: Prunella de Pilatory


  1. oh. my. god. i want a Sphynx soooo badly, she's adorable!! I love Prunella de Pilatory - it's like her drag queen name and you can call her Prunie for short!! how adorable she is!!!

  2. i like Ecdysiast as a name... Eccy for short