Friday, February 26, 2010

I need a HOLIDAY!

Northeastern Pennsylvania or NEPA (neepa) as we lovingly call it, is covered in the cold stuff today. It started yesterday around 5am and it's still snowing nearly 36 hours later, but it's coming down lightly now.

I need a HOLIDAY! A Jerry Moss HOLIDAY to be precise!

Needs some TLC to cover the wear damage along the edges, but I don't mind. I've been stalking this purse for weeks, months. Jerry Moss' Holiday bags don't seem to be in abundant supply, or maybe I just don't know where to look. The few online examples I've seen all have one thing in common...structural design that makes a vintage purse lover weak in the knees.

I'm going to enjoy my HOLIDAY with Jerry!
Seriously...did you think it would be about anything but a purse today?

Apologies, Monsieur Dofan!

I forgot to mention my French beau, Dofan!
I haven't been able to find an association with a singular person. Perhaps he is to be my elusive accessory lover?

Read more about Dofan here:



As an aside, the Koret wicker purse is the most expensive I've purchased at $40. This last, black Dofan was $32. The rest range from $22 down to $9.99 (I'm not kidding and yes, we can "high-vintage-five on those!) I see so much variation on handbag prices. Naturally, there are some features and design years, even within the same maker, that command higher prices. A $300 purse is just not in my budget no matter how rare or dreamy delicious it may be. So, I thought I'd share what I paid so other newbies know that good purses, in good condition, can be acquired by those of us whose last name is not Astor...or Rockafeller!

Happy Hunting!

Introducing my favorite MEN!

So, who better to catch the eye (and heart) of a vintage loving, resolute spinster than a fella who can make a purse! Mmmmm...purses. Oh, sorry, I drifted off for a moment there...I'm back.

Allow me to introduce you to two of my favorites. While not exactly Cary Grants, they do have a way with leather, suede, hardware and design.

(photo courtesy of


*I've seen a similar Koret basket done in bright yellow with a different ornament*


*Interior pic under my Little Bird Dress post*


*I've seen this style in at least one other color combination (dark grey/citrus)*

(photo courtesy of


*This one is cool because it still has a sticker from Camalier and Buckley which was a high end luggager out of Washington DC. They once had a boutique in the Mayflower hotel in VA.



To learn more about various vintage designers be sure to check out the "Makers" page at Bagladyemporium.

Oh, and if you bump into either of my fellas, feel free to pick them up. We aren't in anything exclusive, so I don't mind. Take it from me, they can be had for a price and the best way to get these boys is on the cheap! Besides, I have my eye on a two new guys. ;)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little Black Birds Everywhere I Look...

Oh Ladies!

The "Eagle Has Landed"!

There was a teensy weensy bit of stress wondering where my Birdie dress was. She was only flying about 100 miles within the state of PA. When she didn't land Friday, the seller and I were sure she'd arrive Saturday. When she didn't arrive Saturday, we held our breath for Monday. When she still wasn't safe in her nest (my closet) on Monday...I wanted to cry! So much for Priority Mail. The seller was an absolute USPS tracking commando and I am happy to report that my Little Bird Dress is safe...but the men folk might not be if I ever get my esteem meter up!

The print is adorable, little black birds with hot pink wings. I originally thought they were red, thank goodness I decided to go with black accessories! The shelf bust is incredible! Va-va-voom! Which is so not me, but...well, maybe it could be! :) The seams are pinked, the zipper is metal and has two hook/eyes along the length to keep it nice and flat and it has it's original belt and side seam pockets that you'd never know were there. A girl couldn't ask for more!

I also found this Koret black satin evening bag done for Saks Fifth Avenue. It still has it's original coin purse and mirror! Funny thing is the seller is also in PA about 10 minutes from me. Who knew we had these sort of finds in our little town? I need to get out more!


Monday, February 22, 2010

What is it?

That's what people generally ask. Or they blurt out, "Is THAT a cat?" Why yes, it is. It's a Sphynx Cat, a hairless variety. This particular one is a Seal Mink Girly and she's mine! She's only about 4 weeks old and it will be at least 8 more weeks before her breeder will allow her to come home. I'm sooo excited! ...and now you know why I must be good and follow my NSB as best I can. :)

If anyone has any good name ideas, bring them on!

I do like girly names and French names.
Stripper names or anything to do with nudity or lack of fur is okay too! (just keep it clean)
Vintage or Golden Era Goddesses might work too!

It just has to be unique! No Spot or Fluffy (although that would be ironic).

All I've got is: Prunella de Pilatory

Dating...some things never change!

This is for Miss B and C-dot and all the young, pretty things still out there in the dating world!

Consider it Sex and the Suburbs c1990

It was the decade of opaque tights and Miracle Bras. I was young and thin back then and probably could have made better dating decisions than I did. Call it lack of esteem, but there was no way I'd go up to a guy I liked. If they didn't come to me, I opted to pine away, miserably and not so silently (ask my girlfriends at the time). So, basically I felt if it was so hard for me to ask a guy out, it must be impossible for them and if one did ask, even if I wasn't into him, I felt I owed him the shot just on bravery alone.

Enter the Bass Player. We'll call him BP from here out. We followed a cool, really good local band. Some of their road crew had a little band of their own and begged us girls to please show up at this dive bar and support them. We said we would and showed up on the given night, getting confused and almost going in the lesbian bar next door. Picture tight pink tneck, my little flippy black Limited skirt and my Norma Kamali super matte opaque tights and some Mary Janes stopped at the door by a handsome woman in a flannel shirt who looked me up and down and smiled and said, "Honey, I think you want the other door." :) (Seriously, had I known what would come next I would have shoved her out of my way and had a few drinks at her bar!)

So we find the correct dive, endure the show, get a little tipsy and that's when it happened. The singer tells my gf that his bass player wants to ask me out so my gf is now in charge of passing the message. I have never liked this set up. If you want to ask me out, do it, don't send your entourage! So here I am feeling bad for a skinny white guy in an open ruffled pirate style shirt. I swallowed hard and agreed. We do the phone thing for a while, we go to the shows, we hang out at the same clubs and he decides he wants to take me somewhere nice.

He makes reservations at Alante's, an upscale Italian restaurant. I preen all day, he shows up at 6pm, no tie, hair wet and pulled back in a rubberband like you find on produce at the grocery store. Um...okay. Band practice ran late, says he. Let's just go, says I.

We arrive at the restaurant and a sweet little old Italian lady offers to check our coats. He pauses and says he left something in the car. He's gone forever so I hand the lady my coat and stand there and wait. When he comes in, she offers to put his coat on the same hanger as mine "to save money". What???!!! He AGREES!!!! Okay, pull it together, this is minor.

We are taken to our table. After a few moments the maitre'de comes over and addresses my date, "Sir, did you have a reservation?" Yeah. "Sir, what time was your reservation?" Seven thirty. I look at my watch and it's 6:30pm! I interject and ask the maitre'de if he'd like us to wait at the bar. His voice becomes polite and gentle and his Italian accent rather dreamy, "Oh no Miss. YOU are fine." He shoots BP a remark and returns with menus.

I'm the type of gal who tries to see the big picture. I wasn't going to order lobster or anything expensive in order to be considerate to BP. I decide on the chicken which comes with a side of pasta. BP literally asks the waiter, "What has the bigger portion, this or that?" He makes his choice, meal comes, I'm hesitant to eat my spaghetti because 1) I just want to go home and 2) I don't want to look like a pig trying to eat it. BP literally reaches over the table and eats the pasta from my plate as he says, "If you're done with this." EEGADS!

Meal is over, no coffee, no dessert, can we please just go??? We make it to the coat check, inches from the door when he spots his boss. They shout greetings across the room, he goes over, leaves me standing there and glances back saying he's here with a "date". No introduction, no Mr. Boss, I'd like you to meet. Just a glance over the shoulder and a point. Only the pity he couldn't dangle me by the neck and shout "Look what I caught!" He continues to talk. I continue to stand alone at the coat check, with the little old lady's tip basket staring back from her table. In anticipation of where this is headed, I take a $10 (the smallest I had) and hold it in my palm. BP returns, grabs his coat and walks out the door, letting it close in my face as I lag behind to drop the tip in the lady's basket.

We get in the car and I find out that he actually bought me flowers. Then goes on to say that he actually ended up giving them to his boss who forgot his own wife's birthday. (Fellas...take note! If you get a girl flowers or thought about getting a girl flowers but didn't actually deliver said flowers...DON'T TELL HER. Also a good idea if you have an ex fiancee's ring stashed somewhere and propose to a new girl with it, NOT to tell her about that either...although she will find out and you do risk becoming a eunich, so best to suck it up and buy a new ring...but I digress.) I also find out that BP left me at the entry upon arrival because he had to put his GUN which was in his coat POCKET back in the car! Who the french am I on a date with????!!!!

I thought the torture would end here but no. We went to a movie. Good movie. He left for 20 minutes to go to the bathroom, which was nice, but then he wanted me to update him on the part he missed WHILE the movie was still playing. Um, might not I wish to enjoy the rest???

We get in the car and he wants to go for drinks. By now, I've reached my saturation point. I just can't go on. I politely tell him I'm tired and have work early in the am. No word of lie, BP goes Jack "The Shining" Nicholson on me while driving the car. He turns, stares, no eyes on the road and accuses me of having more time for my friends than I do for him. I don't remember a lot after that except feeling like the black cat Pepe Lepue is always after and backing up against the car door. I made it home safe.

Next phone call, I told him that I wanted to be straight and that this was just casual dating and not exclusive for me. He went on a tie raid about how if it wasn't exclusive (ie no chance of sex) then what was the point. Oh good, then you DO get the drift.

So, that sweet girls is the story of my worst date ever!
Hopefully, you can chuckle as you imagine me struggling through the situation. I certainly chuckle to myself. Not much has changed, as you see. Boys are still boys, girls still give them chances. Sometimes we win, sometimes we decide it's not exclusive, lol. Life goes on and when you are meant to find the right one, you most certainly will.

PS I'd like to tell you my next relationship went better but my girlfriends used to call him "The Pig"...mwaaahahhah!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ode to a Vintage Bra


I think that I shall never see
The girls so perky as when clad vintagey!

Modern underwire leaves me sagging and round
Whilst my Playtex Living points 'em heaven bound.

The sweaters so-so, dress bust darts a-flaw
All is corrected with the one bullet bra.

Dear modern makers, with you we look bad
Go back to the old bras, we want what we had!

I had been told, I had been warned that the bust line in vintage clothing is just an itty bitty bit different than modern garments. I was warned but being a vintage newbie and just a little pig headed, I scoffed at the idea of a vintage bra. Vintage bras are for old ladies. There's nothing sexy about them. Who wants somebody's old undergarments? They can't possibly compare to modern designs and materials. For cripes sake, I've got microfiber and freakin underwire supporting these puppies and it doesn't get any better than that. Bullet bra? Nuh uh, sista! Not this gal. Ahem, famous last words.

So, I purchased a bombshell sweater a few weeks ago and never bothered to open the package until tonight. I also bought a Princess Peggy summer day dress which arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to try on. The sweater was nice but I kept fussing with it to lay right. And, huh. What's wrong with this dress? Hmmm...should I try?...what the heck...I think I will...donned my 1960's Playtex that I purchased as a joke to show my Mom and whaddya know. INSTANTLY, the dress fit better, the bust darts were correct...or I should say my goods were finally in the correct place. I honestly can't believe the difference! As for the sweater, holy *bleep*! LOL

It absolutely boggles my mind. There's no underwire in this thing yet it's the first time in ages that ladies weren't pressed against nor laying on my ribcage. The strap adjuster thing is in the front and the end is free like it could slip out any second but it doesn't. I'm left asking, how in hell did we "advance" 50 years in most aspects of society except bras. In my modern bra, I'm now convinced I look like Ma Kettle. In my vintage bra, I'm Kim Gawddamn Novak! :)

Peace out and don't go hoarding all the vintage bras you see.
Save some for us newbies. Believe me, I (we) need them! :)

NSB...BAM!...Revelations roll in.

Is this what Moses felt like when God turned him on to the Commandments?

I've only been seriously thinking about NSB for a day or so and already the revelations and relevance of my spending behavior is starting to become apparant.

I've already identified two major issues with my spending behavior.

1. I give myself permission to indulge in all sorts of minor purchases that serve no immediate need and end up being items I could have lived without. I forbid myself higher ticket items that are truly NEEDED under the pretense that I "shouldn't spend that much". In the end, I have a big ol' rather expensive pile of random $5, $10 and $20 stuff and still don't have anything to wear to the movies because I felt I shouldn't buy the repro jeans or repro coveralls I REALLY wanted and NEEDED because I shouldn't spend $50.

NSB Commandment #1:

2. My spending behavior may also have some connection to self worth and where I put myself in my own life. I find that I'm willing to splurge on those I love while ignoring my own immediate needs. I could literally have holes in the soles of my shoes and spend my last nickel on my family or pets. Not that I shouldn't be generous, just that I shouldn't be generous to my own detriment. So, I do have to wonder if this spending behavior is somehow connected to esteem. Why am I not a priority in my own life? Why would I feel guilty putting a $25 limit on a gift and saving the remainder of my discretionary income for something I need or truly want? I have relatives that don't have a problem with this! Why do I?

NSB Commandment #2:

*As a complete aside, Passover and Easter are coming and that means somewhere soon Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments will be playing. My Gram used to make us watch it every year! I still honor the tradition with my own copy on DVD. The color is superb and those Egyptian get ups and accessories...yummy! Seriously, wouldn't you love to look like this and have hunky Charleton Heston or dreamy Yule Brenner (I like bald!) fighting over you? Um...oops!...perhaps that isn't the point of the movie, but you vintage gals will understand, I'm sure! LOL

Friday, February 19, 2010

No Spender Bender...

Inky and some gals at FL turned me on to the concept of a "No Spender Bender". You basically pick a calander month and do your best to refrain from frivilous shopping and spending. The goal is to eliminate mindless add-to-cart clicks which pays off by increasing your available financial resources so you can purchase the things you truly need or have really wanted and lusted after but never thought you could swing.

I'm going to give it a try, starting *gulp* now and hopefully making it through the entirety of March. I'd really like to stick it out for April too. My Green Light items can be purchased as finances allow because they are more or less essential at the moment. I don't expect to accumulate them all in a month or two. I certainly couldn't afford to do it all at once. If the right item presents itself and it's on this list, it can be considered for purchase. The Red Lights are forbidden. The Golden Tickets are a fantasy purchase, allowable but at the expense of needed Green Light items. In other words, THINK about it and decide if it's really worth it.

Here's my personalized "No Spender Bender" proposal:

The Green Lights

***Proper undergarments in modern materials and correct sizes that will enhance and/or allow me to wear the vintage garments I've already acquired.

***Correctly sized shoes (no vintage measure guesses or delusional moments of believing I can get my foot in a AAA width) that will allow me to wear the vintage garments I've already acquired.

***Everyday handbags that compliment those shoes and complete the look. (I had to add the "everyday" stipulation because I know myself too well and can already hear the excuses for bidding on a lot of 6 sequined evening clutches at auction, lol.) This is a prime example of why I need NSB. There's a brown leather bag I've been eyeing for months, wouldn't spend $75 to buy but essentially wee wee'd that $ and more away on frivilous items I could have lived without. I'm hoping NSB will finally allow me to nab that lucious leather chocolatey goodness once and for all.

***Everyday separates that serve as good casual vintage or vintage inspired street wear. I really need basics so this list is a bit longer.
-A pair of Freddies or something similar in a regular length and/or capri version.
-Circle skirt, pencil skirt, trousers, any wardrobe expanding bottom pieces.
-Casual blouses.
-Casual cardigans. (This means no beads!)
-Casual summer dress IF I truly adore it and not just because it might fit or
because I recognize the label.

The Red Lights

Embroidered pillowcases, dresser scarves, housewares, recipe books, star-spangled dressy cardigans, prom gowns (formals), fall and winter coats, accessories that can't be worn with what I already own, HATS fortheluva! no more random hats, red lipsticks or any makeup I can't see in person first, hair styling guides/magazines and/or styling tools until I cut/color the mess I have now, robes, nightgowns, pajamas, useless decorative items that I only feel compelled to purchase because I've seen it on the set of Mad Men (I don't smoke and found myself eyeing up Don Draper's ashtray!), buying because it's cheap, or buying something I don't love just because I think it might fit, buying anything with obviously ridiculous and way out of line shipping charges or being drawn into a bidding war that taxes my budget.

Golden Ticket Items

I'm allowed to add pieces to my 1950's Vernonware dish collection in my pattern only.
(Seriously, the coupe soup bowls are like trying to find the Holy Grail)

A perfect, it's everything I ever wanted, I want to look at it all day, cuddle in it all night and inhale it's dried on the clothes line in the sunshine scent every morning purrrfect Chenille Bedspread.

One, gotta have it, makes me drool, will definitely fit, can't look like what I already have, I must actually look good in that color, dressy dress. (If I were a stronger woman, I would not allow this one exception but alas, I cannot live without a little loophole.)

So how about YOU?
What have you been dreaming of but putting off?
What do you really need to make an outfit useful?
What are you willing to do without and what can't you live without?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Let the fur fly!

I was appauled today when I learned that one of my favorite bloggers got flamed for posting about a fur trimmed vintage cardigan that was her GRANDMOTHER's. Rather than continue to feed negativity on her blog, I chose to vent here.

I'm a big girl, I know there are fur lovers and fur haters out there. What I'd like to know is where are the human beings among us, the humanity, the empathy for each other? Here was a woman who was sentimental about an item that once belonged to someone she loved very much. And what did she get for sharing her sentiment? People who couldn't see the forrest for the trees. People who were at the ready to defend a 60 year old deceased animal but entirely willing to overlook the emotions and feelings of a living, breathing, human being "virtually" standing in front of them. Sad.

I work for an emergengy animal hospital AND I own a vintage fur stole. Sorry, but with what I see day-in and day-out, I really don't have time to champion a 50 or 60 year deceased animal. There are too many living ones who need help! Would I go out and purchase newly constructed (ie freshly killed) fur? Not on your life! Will I waste time and energy arguing over vintage fur? Phfft! Not in this century.

I'm too busy rectifying the immediate victims of human cruelty.

I'd rather put my energy into this...

Than this waste time arguing over this considering wearer and wearee are probably long gone...