Monday, March 1, 2010

Dude, what's your BASIC?

NSB = No Spender Bender

Since I'm actually trying to build (rebuild) an everyday wardrobe, I do spend. I just try to focus my spending and pull the reins in just a little. So, in Skidoo world, NSB = No Stupid Buying

Alas, this means the two gorgeous party dresses I'm stalking are sort of off limits. I did give myself a free pass to indulge in one useless-for-my-lifestyle party dress, but ya know what? I don't feel like using it. (Victory is Mine!)

So, what's my BASIC?

Ship N Shore Plaid Blouse (Me thinks she works to the Freddie's)

Ship N Shore Yellow Blouse (Love the Peter Pan collar)

Carol Brent Summer Dress (Not quite everyday but better than taffeta and rhinestones)

Handknit (so they say) Cardi (to cover the upper arm phlab when wearing dress above)

White Knit Cardi (versatile and too cute to pass up)

...and now, just some random thought for today because I don't want to post three blogs in a row. It won't decrease my rambling, just makes me feel better to say I only posted twice, lol.

Today started off really sucky! I found one of my holy grails (a very specific 1940's compact) that was in great shape and nobody but me was interested. I got up at 7:30am just to keep an eye on it. Some (be nice Skidoo) collector just had to have it and spent the last few seconds of the auction driving me to my max bid. I could have fought, I could have bid more, but piss on it. I'm not breaking the bank on something that will sit in my vanity drawer or stay tucked in my purse. I decided I'd rather have the dough for REAL I was able to buy the Carol Brent dress with what I didn't spend on the compact. Go me! Go NSB!

Two of my purses arrived. The satin formal Koret, to-die-for! Plus, it came with a GEN-U-WINE blue tissue from the era and a couple of hair pins AND a freaking folding comb that the seller didn't know were in there or didn't care. The white leather Koret, on the other hand, is pretty filthy. I used a little spit and it does clean up, but I don't know how to really, safely clean it. The spit works, but I don't have that much to clean this puppy. I think it was from the same person who owned the satin bag because it was hiding a few of the same hair pins AND one wicked pointed metal nail file in a plastic sheath. Talk about self protection! All I can think is that the bar scene must have been really rough for a decked out dame in the 50's and 60's! I'll bet nobody pinched her ass twice and lived to talk about it. :)

I finally found time to open some Pre-NSB packages. My new Blue Bird Pillowcases are gorgeous and feel so so good. I <3 worn muslin! My 1950's hat and purse pattern came. I was going to make my very first sewing project the 1950's night gown pattern I purchased but I think I might go for the hat/purse first as it's small enough to hand stitch. Not sure how that will go. I do remember sewing a Barbie dress as a kid, accidentally stitching it to my PJ leg and whailing when my Mom had to break out the seam ripper. Even back then, I was the type of willful (control freak?) perfectionist child that just sort of figured fuck it, it's ruined and I want NO part of it now. Common' Mom, would it really have been so bad to have Barbie clad in her new dress hanging from my PJ's? You wouldn't have to yell at me to clean up my toys.

Speaking of PJ's...OMG...I scored a pair of Tom Girl 1950's short sleeve pajamas in a little blue rose bud print. I love Tom Girl PJ's but never find them in my size. (I love them so much that I even hesitate to mention the label so there are more for me...pardon me whilst I cackle and wring my greedy hands) PJ's are actually NOT on my NSB approved list but hey, what am I gonna do, scold myself? Aren't they too darling in that straight, good girl next door, Sandra Dee sort of way?


  1. wth, how do you find those cute blouses - i can never find cute blouses - and yes, plaid with Freddies - very nice.

    also, REALLY love NSB - No Stupid Spending. Will be stealing it ;)

  2. Inky,

    I did what Lauren said and went to the "source". I've gathered a few label names from adverts in the 50's McCall mags I bought. I search ebay and etsy for those labels. Some people will "tag" the label name. Some won't. It's hit or miss. I will let you know if the seller's measurements on this label jive with the size tag. It seems like the physical measure should fit but if I went by the tag alone, I never would have purchased them. The yellow one was ten bucks so worth experimenting with, lol.

  3. hmmm, that Lauren is one clever chick-a-dee!! i shall peruse my small stack of ladymags and see what I can learn too! i have a devil of a time with blouses.