Saturday, March 20, 2010

This Summer...

This Summer I won't make excuses.

This Summer I won't hide in the house.

This Summer I won't wear the modern matron uniform of stretch pants and a baggy T.

This Summer I will "Wake up...Look cute...and Love myself!"
*Thanks Mary Deluxe and Desi Mother Superior of Bus Stop Goddesses Everywhere*

Yellow is not by best color, but when you shop CURVY vintage swimsuits, you learn to live with compromise. I wanted real vintage, not repro and these two were in my price range ($40). Plus size vintage swimwear, actually name label vintage swimwear is really up, up, up there $! I will say this...if you can find an Alix of Miami in your size and you have the budget, go for it. They are gorgeous...just google around or search Zeebay for some amazing examples.

Larger View
Larger View

I figure these are closer to the 60's but I think they are cute. I found the green/yellow multi playsuit on Etsy. It isn't labeled, that I know of. The yellow suit is a "Muriel" Swim and Sun. I like the girly ties on the skirt (and that it covers my bum and thighs...giggle). I found it at That Girl! Vintage. She has others but some just look like modest skirted modern examples. There are, however, a couple of vintage Gabar worth looking at. The best part is they are under $100.

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