Saturday, March 13, 2010

Minky Sphynxy!

New pictures of my baby girl from Tracy at NoCoatsKitty

Larger view here
You'll notice she's looking like a bald Siamese these days. Well, she sort of is, but not quite. Siamese are Pointed which refers to a color pattern that restricts the pigment to the tips of ears, nose, tail and toes. There are Pointed Sphynx kitties, but my baby isn't truly a pointed kitty. She's a MINK which is another type of pattern. Her SEAL color won't be totally restricted to points but shaded over her entire body. I think she gets to keep the dark smudge on her nose though. :)

Her eyes are such an amazing blue, but that's just her baby coloring. Because she is a MINK, she won't have blue eyes as an adult...I'm expecting a lovely change over the next few weeks and will share it as soon as her true eye color starts to emerge.

Still no purrfect name jumping out.
Sabrina or Prunella are still options...but Astrid, Starla. I'm getting a celestial or glam sort of vibe from this little Starlet...hmmm, maybe Starla would be good.


  1. Oh my gosh! She is beautiful! If you are going vintage, how about naming her after one of the foxy vixens of the day. Some of those names were so elegant and this little darling fits the bill in my mind.

  2. How cute is she! I love this kind of cat, I have been trying to convince my family to get one but they think they're ugly :( I would worry that the harsh Australian sun would be bad for them with no fur to protect them...