Monday, March 1, 2010

Freddie's of Pinewood...PG Rating!

*Photos from the Freddie's of Pinewood website!


Who knew when you ordered from Freddie's of Pinewood, famous for their vintage repro denim, that you'd also get a free side order of TOURETTE'S! You know, that neuro syndrome that makes people cuss uncontrollably. (Uh...not that I need a syndrome to inspire me.)

First, I looked at the return address on the box and muttered, "What the Hell did I order from Texas?" Then I opened the box and my Freddie's slipped out. I stripped faster than I would for Cary Grant or George Clooney! It took me a second to figure out where the zipper was, but I had my Classic Relaxed Fit Freddie's on on a flash. Damn! Denim is cold when it sits on your porch this time of year! Anyway, I jumped up on the bed so I could see them in my vanity mirror. (I don't have a full length mirror so I have to stand on the bed to see anything below my waist.) That's when it started...uncontrollable F-Bombs and Explatives. French this and French that! Where the French is my ass? Where the French is my gut? Holy French Balls, I think I like this high waist! Frenchity, French-French-French, these jeans feel goooooood! Next, I tried on my Dungaree Dolls and the highly colorful superlatives continued. Needless to say, I am seriously pleased with my purchase! I hope I can add the Utility and maybe try the Pedal Pushers some time.

Curvy Girl Alert:
I'm 5'4" 42 bust, 37 waist (34 if I suck it in), and roughly 47 inch hips.
I ordered the Classic Relaxed in 38/48 and the Dungaree Dolls in 38.

Classic Relaxed: Waist is a teensy big but good for tucking in layers. Belted, it should be just fine as it isn't so big that I'll have a ton of excess fabric bunched up or gapping when I sit. The hips were perfecto! They are actually a little roomy which allows for a nice drape and a clean, no bump, no buldge line. I do have a little pooch of fabric under the tummy and above the crotch (you guess where THAT is, lol) but I think that is a combo of the loose fit and the way my tummy directs the fabric. A little support garment probably wouldn't hurt, but it's not worrisome enough to really make me grab for a girdle. The legs are more than roomy enough even for my thunder thighs. I only rolled them up twice at the hem and it's not a huge cuff either so I won't be looking to hem these at all.

Dungaree Dolls: Waist is more fitted than in the Classic. Below the waist is a good fit, not too tight, not too loose. The legs are roomy plus. I will say, as others have, that I need to move the buttons on the straps. I criss-crossed them and still have about 2 inches of extra lead. I didn't roll these when I tried them on so I'm not sure if they need to be hemmed a bit or not. I do know I will wash them prior to any alteration as some of the Vintage Dolls on FL have mentioned they shrink a little in length. These make me want to run SCREAMING to find a Red Snood!

Bottom line: I am beyond pleased! Both with the product and with the level of customer service from Freddie's of Pinewood. (Remember, I used to be a retail manager so if somebody drops the ball on service, they're toast in my book.) I really can't believe the difference in how I look and how I feel in vintage cut vs modern jeans.

I'd post pics of me in the Freddies, but I don't have any tops or the right shoes! Suggestions welcome!


  1. woohooo i am so glad you FRENCHING love them!!! i don't want to wear anything but my Freddies now - and am waiting impatiently for my last spend of February - the Utility jeans in black.

  2. Wow, those look fabulous! Enjoy the french out of 'em! =D

  3. Thanks!

    You gals are FRENCHING awesome!

    Inky, you will have to let us know how the Utility are. They are next on my list. I just nabbed a red snood from CherryRed! :)

  4. i will post a review on them in FL and soon on my bloggie :)

  5. Mine are on the way, I had a shipping fiasco and a refund adn re-buy problem.. but they should be here soon! hurray!

  6. Twila...Did you get the Utility too? I'll be expecting a review from you as well! LOL Bummer the shipping hiccups added extra time to your order. They are really worth waiting for, in my book.

    Jo contacted me after I placed the UK order to say my selections were in TX and would ship from there. They were refunding the shipping difference (which I think I already spent on one of the Bienen-Davis handbags, lol).

    I really want a pair of the Pedal Pushers but I think I really would be PUSHING it because the fit is closer in the legs. Maybe after the next 20lbs...whenever that is!

  7. Great review! I have been wanting a pair of these forever! Hopefully I'll have the funds soon. I have to buy a new camera first. =-(

  8. Freddie's jeans are next on my To Buy list, thanks for the tips!
    Hello by the way; super blog! xx

  9. I have been sitting here trying to laugh quietly(& snorting in the process:))so my DH doesn't think i'm a wierdo.I luv your blog & i luv this review for the freddies.
    I was thinking i might be too big for these jeans but being of similar measurements to you & reading how many expletives you needed to express your delight:)i am reconsidering.I would luv to see pics when you get a chance.
    Sorry to hear about your kitty:(,sending luv ,hugs & lots of positive vibes to you & your pussy cat.Btw i'm on FL in case you wondered.

  10. Thank you so much for posting a review of these jeans and overalls. I've been trying to find some definitive info about how these fit the "average woman" and you are the first review I found. I'm short and curvy too so your review has been so helpful. I am itching to get a pair now too!

  11. Thanks so much for the review! I'm a curvy gal (similar measurements actually!) and I feel a lot more confident buying some ;)