Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just Shoe'T Me...

As you all know by now, I'm participating in NSB. The concept of No Spender Bender has been tweaked a bit for my goals and dubbed the No Stupid Spending experiment for March. Shoes are definitely one of my green light items. I can't wear any of my vintage purchases until I get myself some shoes. (...and I'll be damned if I let my fabulous Freddies collect dust!)

First up, UGG "Mar" espadrilles.

I love espadrilles, but having heavier calves (genetics and 20 years of standing in retail) the massive amounts of tie wrapping doesn't flatter me. I'm hoping this single ankle tie will do it. Loving the peep toe and the peep heel! Oh, and won't the girly cousins, my juniors by 20 years, think old cuz Skidoo is oh-so-cool to sport UGG! LOL

Next up, a basic pair of black peep toe sling-backs.

Okay, so it's just your basic, nothing-fancy sort of shoe. That's exactly what I need! I took a risk with the size and the heel. I used to wear an 8M in this brand all the time so that's what I ordered. I even tried on an old pair to be sure. If the new pair don't fit then I know to bump to the 8.5 when I order the other pairs I have my eyes on. The heel is 3" so my body is going to have to recall how I used to get about in these things, lol. I almost wimped out for a closed toe and lower heel but I knew it wasn't going to give me the right look/line. I also think this pair will work with my black Dofan handbag.

***As an aside, my shoe shopping effort has brought back all sorts of fun memories shopping with my Gram. She always wore those ugly old lady peep-toe, ankle-strap, damn shoes and I always told her how ugly and old lady they were. Little did I know those shoes were the epitome of chic in her era. Isn't it funny that those same shoes have me drooling these days? Isn't it a shame she's not here to go shoe shopping or to say "I told you so"? Oh, the damage we girls could do! Me and my Gram and a shoe store! Love you Grammy...and thank you for teaching me about hats/gloves, shoes/purses, what fork to use, how to clean a house and all those important lessons...oh, and for helping me cut the bottoms from my burnt cookies and pretending they were delicious anyway.


  1. Am loving those espadrilles! looking for a pair in size 10 now - thanks for enabling.

    Thank you as well for the kind comment on my blog about waiting for the ladies committee. That kind of comment really makes my day and helps me realize my vision is coming true for my style. love you for it!!

  2. Awwww...thanks, you're sweet!

    I scored the UGG's on ebay for about $65. Have seen them as low as $50 and as high as $99. I think they might be an old style so you'll have to hunt around for the right size/color combo.